Epson GT-20000 Driver Download

Epson GT-20000 Driver Download - I have an Epson GT-20000 scaner of which I have working with Photoshop via the TWAIN drivers. This process of using Photoshop to scan and import the images from the scanner is very nice, but there is one catch. After each scan I have to exit photoshop before doing another scan. The reason why is because after I've done the first scan when I try to do another scan Photoshop crashes. What am I missing? Is there something wrong with the TWAIN plugin or with the Epson drivers or am I personally forgetting something about refreshing the scanner plugin to do another scan rather than going to the File > Import > Epson GT-20000 for the next scan? this solution install Download and install Driver the optional TWAIN plugin for CS5.

Epson GT-20000 Driver Download

The scanners software provides a number of scan automation features that help to streamline your workflow. The Color Restoration feature automatically restores true-to-life color to old, faded, or badly exposed photos, and the Backlight Correction feature removes shadows from photos that have too much background light. Also, the Dust Removal feature cleans the dust marks from your originals as you scan them. The scanner also includes easy-to-use document management software including ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus OCR and ScanSoft PaperPort so users can quickly and efficiently digitize and manage important business documents.

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The Epson GT-20000 includes fast USB 2.0 and SCSI-2 connectivity. This, coupled with its high-speed operation and incredible versatility give users the power they need, and the productivity they've only imagined, for critical daily requirements. Plus there is an optional network card available, enabling busy workgroups to share a single scanner.

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Charge-coupled devices such as the Epson GT-20000 can scan with a depth of field as much as half of an inch, which means that they can somewhat scan objects in addition to documents. By way of contrast, a competing technology called contact image sensors has a depth of field measured in millimeters, so the item being scanned must be in close contact with the scanning bed. Therefore, for scrapbookers and scanographers, the Epson GT-20000 is a better product selection than the Mustak ScanExpress A3 USB 2400 Pro or the Canon imageFORMULA DR-3010c, which employ contact image sensor scanning engines.

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The Epson software suite supports document management, Optical Character Recognition, and scanning to email and PDF. The included Epson Scan software is a TWAIN driver, an open interface designed by image-acquisition device manufacturers and software vendors to facilitate interoperability. Rather than write separate drivers for each unique hardware set, operating system and application, members of the TWAIN Consortium code to a common application programming interface. Users benefit by being able to mix and match TWAIN-compliant products without having to grapple with myriads of separate device drivers.

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