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Kodak i2400 Driver Download - The Kodak i2400 and its own A4 flatbed are actually connected to a Dell M4500 laptop pc Microsoft window 7 64 computer. Each i2400 as well as A4 flatbed work great. 

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PROCEDURE: Excellent. I utilize the i2400 to check single-sided 8.5" x11" shade as well as dark & white colored files to searchable PDF style for my company. They function flawlessly. There are actually i2xxx-series Kodak scanners along with additional features and also capacity, the i2400 seems to become the essential i2xxx-series unit and also it is the minimum costly.

I possess reduced volume, but need a scanner that checks to searchable PDF layout directly and also conveniently. The i2400 generates the searchable PDF data instantly when the start-scan button is actually driven.

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Searchable PDF is a PDF layout that I make use of for 2 purposes certainly not offered in a normal PDF paper without the additional action from OCR sale or retyping the PDF paper.

First, I frequently have to price estimate a paragraph from a scanned PDF documentation in a report or even email I compose to a customer. A searchable PDF file allows me to decide on, copy, and also mix PDF text.

kodak i2400 scanner drivers free download
Second, as the label conditions, a searchable PDF at that point becomes indexable on my Microsoft window computer system when I make use of Windows or even a few other computer-search program to discover documentations containing a specific word, the searchable PDF records having that phrase are additionally located in the hunt in addition to all other data such as Word, or even WordPerfect documentations, and so on

. The i2400 possesses 9 browse accounts that may be set and reconfigured-- such as for different formats, different colors or even B&W, data destination (nice function), preview, as well as top quality from check.

The i2400 tilts for usage then tips when certainly not in make use of. At very first I believed this was actually a needless attribute, and now use everything the moment to conserve room on my jampacked desk. The i2400 is really sleek.

Checking with the i2400 is actually done through packing the papers and afterwards picking among the 9 scanning profiles (LED amounts 1-9), then pushing the start-scan switch on the i2400.

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The i2400 scan specifications say that checks approximately 30 pages per minute. I have certainly not timed how swift my dark & white files scan, however that is extremely rapid as well as appears like this has to be 30 webpages a minute, very impressive. Along with high-quality color as an alternative that seems the i2400 check speed is about 50% from the BW, however still extremely swiftly for my make uses of.

The A4 flatbed is actually additionally used for low volume, and also its check is actually a lot slower compared to the 12400, yet I utilize the A4 flatbed 99% for checking portion of publications for estimating (with proper attribution) in other files as well as files. The one image I scanned must go to quite high resolution and also that emerged flawlessly. The A4 checks 8.5" x 11" documents. The A4 determines 11.2" x 18.7," certainly not the most extensive flatbed, but this uses up a bunch of room.

Checking along with the A4 flatbed is actually carried out through positioning a record into the flatbed as well as after that opening up the Tray Kodak symbol on the personal computer as well as hitting one from the 9 scanning profile pages off the drop-down window.

KODAK SERVICE: Perfect and also quickly.

When the i2400 arrived this performed not work, I handle along with many assistance divisions for my tools and software application, and also anticipated that I will talk along with numerous Kodak service warranty screeners or divisions on my method to obtaining the trouble settled. I easily discovered the Kodak guarantee telephone amount. I created a single 5-minute call as well as the substitute showed up a number of days later. I can be wrong, but I think I merely chatted along with the Kodak warranty person which addressed the phone, otherwise, I was actually transferred quickly to the individual that calculated the i2400 should be switched out.

Today, after a month of making use of the i2400 and also A4 flatbed, I called the overall Kodak Tech help desk when I can not establish effective ways to establish the A4 flatbed to function seamlessly along with the i2400. I talked along with a well-informed screener as well as the specialist representative that strolled me by means of the established alternatives. The screener told the tech representative why I was phoning therefore he already understood my problem when I began chatting along with him. He walked me through the modification of preparing discussed listed below.

Both the manufacturer's warranty team as well as Tech Support people are a few of the most ideal I have actually run into.

DISAPPROVAL: The i2400 is dark as well as the A4 is actually cream-colored. Kodak's items would appear better sitting upcoming to each other if they were both the exact same different colors. I like the cream-color.

The records may be much better on exactly how to prepare the A4 to operate with the i2400. The Paper Source needs to have to be actually readied to Automatic since when the A4 Flatbed is actually made use of there is actually no paper in the i2400. The fix is actually: Right-click Kodak Tray Icon > Configure > Settings > Settings (yes again) > Device > Paper Source > Automatic (this is where the setting is actually transformed to Automatic).


The i2400 and A4 flatbed scanning device work quick and also perfectly for checking 8.5"x 11" black & white as well as color records immediately in to searchable PDF documentations for my company on my Windows 7 64 Dell computer. The i2400 possesses a total variety of environments as well as choices such as image scanning, yet I use that for office-document scanning.

I acquired the Kodak after I could not acquire my HP 5590 scanner to collaborate with my Dell M4500 Windows 7 64 personal computer and contrasted the specs from the scanners brought in through various other scanning device makers. Due to the problems I had along with my previous scanning device, I was actually involved that there would be actually some concealed glitch that will cause a concern. Kodak's website has crystal clear and also complete explanations from their products.

The Kodak i2400 and also A4 are outstanding items and Kodak company is surprisingly capable and also swift.

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