Epson Expression Premium XP-710 Driver Download

Epson Expression Premium XP-710 Driver Download - The Epson Expression Premium XP-710 is the latest range of all-in-one printers of Epson Premium ink jet, intended for individuals looking for versatility. High-end model, the Epson Expression Premium XP-710 features the 3 printing, copying and scanning. If it retains the touchscreen, Wi - Fi Direct connection and the Epson Connect option of the XP-700 it replaces, it loses the Ethernet, arguing about the fact that "our users don't use hardly ever for this type of product" (Florent Charles, printers France Product Manager). Thus, to find the Ethernet, it need go upmarket with the 4-in-1 Expression Photo XP-810 or opt for the old model.

Epson Expression Premium XP-710 Driver Download

Premium Epson Expression Premium XP-710 Expression is for the family who she promises an excellent print quality on the texts and pictures as well as greater ease of use.

Compact and lightweight, this printer to five separate cartridges retain the aesthetic features of the previous model, the XP-700 Premium Expression; namely, reduced size (39 x 34 x 14 cm), weight content (7.3 kg) as well as a large touchscreen removable 9 cm diagonal that greatly facilitates the use of the machine. If Epson has been able to simplify the installation of the drivers with a tutorial that guides the user through the manipulation, the Wi - Fi configuration, she, is still laborious.

Like the Canon Pixma MG535, the presence of Wi - Fi Direct (called "Direct access Point" Canon) allows users to print from wireless devices, without having to connect to a wireless router. In addition, Espon keeps his argument of mobility with the Epson Connect, which provides for the "direct send documents and photos" feature to the e-mail address of the printer. Can print from anywhere in the world. A function that, from 2011, unfolds on the consumer models.

Epson Expression XP-710 Driver Download
The configuration remains in any point similar to the model it replaces: under the motor output tray, we find 2 cassettes. The first dedicated to photos 10 x 15 cm and 13 x 18 cm, especially, contains 20 sheets of photo paper. The second, reserved for the A4 prints, is larger and accommodates up to 100 sheets and contains a CD/DVD/BD support. The second tape is adjustable according to the inserted formats.

The presence of the double tray is sign of comfort. Unfortunately, in practice here, the device is always too unbearable to use, which costs a star note of ergonomics. The paper, motorized, output tray unfolds to the ignition. On the one hand it hinders access to the tapes and on the other hand it slows down printing. Therefore, close it in order to access the A4 and photo papers. Moreover, these two tapes without not stop, must repel them gently to not push them beyond the limit of the housing. In short, the whole system is to review.

In the same vein, even though it is very useful to be able to print from a USB key, we regret the lack of support for PDF documents. In the photo below, the USB key inserted below on the left into the printer contains photos and PDF documents: only the pictures displayed on the screen for printing. Too bad. Another element to take into account - as you can guess by looking at the photo - it's the limitation of the number of pages contained by the stacker. More than a hundred leaves, it's blocking.

There are all the same items to be entered in the convenient RADIUS. Also, the comfort and ease of navigation provided by the touchscreen, we don't lamented no jammed paper on this model (this was not the case on the XP-700). In addition, "More functions" that offer the possibility to directly print any coloring or papers types turn out to be quite useful to use for a family.

ith this new model, Epson promised speeds increased compared with the 700. Unfortunately, our clock is the same time on the last model; namely 11 pages per minute (ppm) in color and 15 ppm in black and white. A flow rate falling to 5 ppm in duplex mode.

If we compare these times to those of its rival, the Canon Pixma MG6350 printing 12 ppm in color and 6 ppm in black and white, the Epson is faster, especially in black and white. So why the debit memo is the same for both? Simply because the reactivity (detailed in the box; criterion taken into account in the debit note) of the Canon is better.

In photo, wait 1 min 36 s to print an A4, it's more than the time of 1 min 18 sec on the Canon Pixma MG6350. 10 x 15 cm, the Canon is faster: 23 s against 39 for the XP-700. 

If Epson promises a quality professional printing on office documents and photos, the versatility isn't always at the rendezvous. Evidenced by our test chart that illustrates the limits of this printer. Letters of the legend (in yellow on a green background) lack of sharpness and precision, what comes to parasitize the reading. In addition, the size drops remains too visible in the color solid. If we compare with the Canon Pixma MG6450 renderings, we see that Canon is better off in terms of versatility.

Deviation of colors, we note of constancy in the curve. Almost all the colors are between 10 and 15. This gives an average high of 13.7. In the photo, to the eye, the result is very satisfactory. Remember that the photo below has been magnified 3 times. The record is clear, precise, and the user does not have to be ashamed of his photographs in color and black and white.

The difference in colors is, as always, less important in the photo than on standard paper. We clearly see a slight yellow on the impressions in color cast. Overall, the result is neutral and convincing.

Perfectly identical to that of the XP-700, (2400 x 4800 dpi) scanner offers scanning, either to a memory card, the cloud or the computer. A signal will sound if the user forgets to recover its original document; a very useful for the stunned function.

The interface for the copy mode is very clear and easy to use. Simply choose the number of copies, colour or black and white, then adjust, if desired, the density. The Preview gives an idea of what lies on the copier glass, which also allows to set size of scanning. Quality aside, as always, the colors of the copies come out washed out and dull, but this mode is mainly for text.

Good student, the printer shows little energy with 1 W in standby and 19 W in the Middle, and particularly silent, since its average sound between printing of text and photo (quieter) amounts to 45 dB (printers are considered as being silent up to 50 dB).

The cartridges are identical to those of the XP-700. Epson offers a pack at €69,89 (shipping included). We remember the principle of calculation of cost to the page that we have established for all brands and models. The price listed in the table is the cheapest rate found on online stores, including postage. The cost per page is 11.8 cents, or superiors to 9.4 cents (with XL cartridges) of the Canon Pixma MG6350, which integrates a total of 6 cartridges with gray yet.

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Epson Expression Premium XP-710 Driver Download

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